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Ceremony Seating

When hosting your wedding ceremony at Mount Ida Farm, whether it is the event barn or the Lodge, your package includes white garden chairs.  We have found that white garden chairs are a classic choice for ceremony seating, and most of our couple’s choose to use them.  Garden chairs are perfect for outdoor ceremonies, and white not only screams “wedding”…but it really pops compared to the green grass, blue skies, and all of the beautiful colors that come with the gazebo or mountain view locations.  BUT, just because white garden chairs are a great option… they aren’t your only option! Personalizing your wedding ceremony can extend all the way to your guest seating. There are so many creative ways to make ceremony feel special, whether it is adding umbrellas to an outdoor seating area, using Mount Ida’s NEW church pews or creating a theatre style configuration. Below are a few options of real-life examples of unique seating plans that we hope inspires you for your own “I Do’s”!

Mount Ida’s white garden chairs

Paisley & Jade Church Pews

Photo: Audra Wrisley Photography

White Garden Chairs at The Gazebo

Theatre style in front of the Barn & Carriage House

Mount Ida’s new upgraded seating option.. church pews!

May 16th, 2017|

Linen Love

One of my favorite ways to dress up a space is finding unique and textured linens to make your tables stand out.  Linens are the  nail polish to your well-manicured reception!  You might not be able to put a specialty linen on every single guest table but you can still have that to-die-for, twirl-worthy linen on your headtable, dessert station or cocktail tables. Since we are not placing these specialty linens on every table, don’t be afraid to be bold in color or textured design. There are so many unique patterns, textures and colors available that mirror the fashion world, your unique style won’t be missed!  



Rico- Jungle Green

Quincy Nude Sequin

Mila Coffee

Locked Blue Grass

Leather Dots Silver

Hollywood White


Brush Rings

Baylis Atec

Featured Image: Ron Dressel Photography

May 12th, 2017|

Before “The Lodge”

Ever wonder what our newest addition, The Lodge, was before it was a reception location? If so, today’s your lucky day! We thought we would share details about one of our favorite locations here at Mount Ida Farm. The Lodge was originally constructed as a horse stable in the early 1900’s and served for the last several decades as a cattle barn . With a little (ok, a lot!) of hard work, the structure was restored and expanded to 12,000 square feet with a stunning view! We love that our clients use every bit of real estate in this 60 foot by 130 foot vintage event space, taking full advantage of the stone fireplace, crystal chandeliers and sliding 20 foot wide cedar barn doors that lead to a 50 foot by 40 foot adjoining event space. The bridal suite is every bride’s dream, with antique touches throughout offering a true French Provincial feel. With 360 degree views, The Lodge gives your guests something to talk about!


Steven and Lily Photography

Steven and Lily Photography

Steven and Lily Photography

Sarah Houston Photography

Sarah Houston Photography

Sarah Houston Photography

Featured Image: Aaron Watson Photography

May 9th, 2017|

Overnight Accommodations

Destination weddings take time and meticulous planning so we know you are ready to kick back and have a fun filled weekend once everyone arrives in town! What better way to relax and celebrate than to do so with your family and friends housed in overnight accommodations on property? Instead of having your family or bridal party drive (or be shuttled) to the wedding, scheduling pick up times toward the end of the night, and worrying if everyone made it home ok (you know you will think about it!), you have the option to rent several of our properties for their convenience and yours! Not only can they spend the night but they can enjoy amenities such as tennis, basketball, volleyball, foosball, poker tables, pools and the list goes on! Take a tour of our rental properties below or click here for more information on our website.



Up to 14 guests

Mount Ida Manor

Up to 18 guests

Mount Pleasant Manor

Up to 12 guests


Up to 6 guests

May 5th, 2017|

New Puppies at Mount Ida!

The Mount Ida puppies are purebred Anatolian Shepherds that our farm managers picked up on April 15th. They traveled to Woolwine, VA which is 3 hours southwest of Scottsville.  There were two litters to choose from and they picked out two males from each litter.   They are now 12 weeks old and are getting a lot of attention from the staff. Their jobs will be to guard the vineyards from turkeys, birds, raccoons and other animals that also like the taste of our grapes. They will be a big help as we move closer to opening our tasting room in late fall of 2017. Right now they are spending time growing, socializing, and getting some puppy training. They will be moving to the vineyards this summer when the grapes start growing on the vines.


Zeus is the alpha male of the group and the biggest of the 4.  He greets us with a  howl and likes to bark quietly while waiting on his food bowl.

Vino is the smallest male of the group. He picked us when we went to pick them out. He loves attention and is the first one to come running. Zeus and Vino are full brothers.

Duke is the 2nd biggest male of the group. He is the most laid back and loves to hide their toys any chance he gets.

Roscoe is the 3rd  biggest boy of the group. He is adventurous and checks his boundaries every day. He is the first one to alarm us if something seems amiss. Duke and Roscoe are full brothers.

They have been so much fun! We can’t wait to see them grow and start their duties in the vineyards in the near future! Special thank you to our Farm Manager, Whitney, for taking these amazing photos of the handsome boys!

May 2nd, 2017|

Paisley & Jade

We are so excited to introduce you (if you haven’t been introduced before) to one of our friendors who we couldn’t live without! We would even go so far to say that it would be a travesty if we didn’t introduce you to Paisley & Jade, the prop and aesthetic extraordinaires!

Q: How did Paisley and Jade come into existence – we want to know the story!

A: Morgan and Perkins first met when working in off premise catering in Richmond, VA. Morgan managed and headed corporate sales while Perkins was brought on to start a wedding division. A large part of the job was creating visual displays for food and sub renting pieces from local companies for events.   The dynamic duo spent many long hours  brainstorming, designing and constructing their own props to get the achieved look for their catering clients.  Hours of creating, many lengthy discussions and few bottles of wine soon led to the concept of an eclectic rental prop shop that was useful to both vendors and clients.  Morgan’s background is in scenic design and the fact that Perkins literally grew up on an event venue – ended up creating just the right combination for P&J’s soon to be aesthetic!  Discussion soon turned into action and Paisley & Jade was born!
Both Morgan and Perkins took the plunge and began working on their small business full time to get that baby off the ground the RIGHT way. To do so, it was important to both of them to hire professionals who specialize in their fields.  With the help of a handful of wonderful local business owners, an accountant, and a thorough business plan, Paisley & Jade quickly became a thriving business. Without the support of local businesses and industry professionals in Richmond, P&J could have never had the start that it did!  We owe so much to so many kind “friendors!”  And now here we are, living the dream!
Paisley & Jade’s first location was a collection of  simple storage units. Sounds glamorous right?! The inventory quickly grew and we expanded to a 5,000 square-foot space in Scotts Addition. Before too long we outgrew that space and it was time to take the next step.  Our current location on the corner of Highpoint and Moore has been P&J’s home since early 2014 and we now encompass all 10,000 square feet of it!  We love the industrial and chic vibes of our building and how it is able to  provide space for office areas, a packed warehouse and stylish a showroom that we’re able to also rent for events!  On the delivery side we’re proud owners of an 18 ft. and 26 ft. box truck which you might see on the highways and byways of Virginia, DC, Maryland or North Carolina on any given weekend.  Our delivery crew rocks!  We’re also proud to currently have seven full time employees on staff and between 10-15 awesome part-timers! It’s been an exciting few years to say the least! We’re so thankful that our hard work and industry relationships have helped us get this far and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Q: Most Unique Place Paisley & Jade has taken you?

A: From estate sales and auctions to family attics and barns we’ve definitely been to some interesting spots hunting for new #pandjpretties   But I think we can agree that our favorite spot for scouring vintage finds is the Brimfield Antique Flea Market in Morgan’s home state of Massachusetts!  It’s America’s oldest outdoor antique market and while it can be exhausting to explore, it sure is fun!  While visiting her family near Boston, Morgan has definitely made an impromptu trip or three to  Brimfield and returned to Virginia with a car packed to the brim! Pun intended 🙂
Q: It’s mentioned in your website bio that you dislike ice cream trucks that drive by without stopping – and we are right there with you! We have to ask, icecream cone or ice cream sandwich?  

A: While you can’t really go wrong with either choice, Team P&J seem to be split right down the middle on this one! We also had some “write-in” votes for Ninja Turtle Ice Cream Bars, Rocket Pops and Drum Sticks. We’re definitely a diverse crew especially when it comes to our love of sweet treats and Pandora office playlists.
Q: What is your favorite rental item in the shop?

A: Another tough one! Our inventory changes frequently and we’re always adding new finds which in turn leads to new “faves!” Right now we’re really loving a couple of our custom built pieces – the Button Tufted Bar and Hairpin Leg Farm Tables.  We’re also pretty excited about some new vintage finds including a Brass and Glass Bar Cart and canary yellow settee we’ve aptly named Rupert.
Q: What’s your hidden talent?

A: We weren’t kidding when we said Team P&J is a diverse bunch! We have all specialized in different things in our pasts that brought us to where we are today: television production, catering sales, sculpture, technical theatre…just to name a few.  So all that considered it’s no surprise that we’ve got quite a talented bunch working here at Highpoint and Moore!  Our most recent addition to the team is our Rental Coordinator, Erin who is putting one of her not-so-hidden talents to use almost daily for our clients.  Erin is an incredibly talented artist and also does amazing hand-lettering work!  Since she started with us back in August, Erin has created some gorgeous hand-lettered designs for our chalkboard bars, vintage frames and mirrors!  
Q: Favorite Part About Your Job?

A: There are lots of things we enjoy about working in this crazy little world of specialty rentals!  But one thing we love is being part of a great group of industry professionals!  We’ve made it this far, in part, thanks to a magic combination of hard work and real relationships.  We love lifting up our fellow creatives and small business owners and it never ceases to amaze us how supportive they are of our team and the niche we’ve created here in the mid-atlantic region.  In an industry that can be competitive and stressful at times we really do rely on these relationships for advice, support, constructive criticism and encouragement.  “Community Over Competition” is a value we strive to put into action every day at Paisley & Jade.  “Friendors” rock!

Follow Paisley & Jade via Facebook or check out their inventory at

April 27th, 2017|

Rain Plans for Your Wedding Day

I recently sat down with an engaged friend who was ready to start planning her wedding. Her dream was to get married  under the setting sun, with a gentle breeze and a skyline that money can’t buy.  There was one problem, she just couldn’t shake the idea that it might rain on her big day.

Most brides’ biggest fear is having a torrential downpour or having that steady mist on their wedding day. This is especially true if the ceremony and/or reception is outside. With all the spreadsheets, schedules, and minute by minute planning that goes into the big day, a stray rain cloud could send everyone running for shelter.

One of our favorite features at both of our locations is being able to provide those beautiful outdoor settings for ceremony but also  including a back-up plan. Our venues have a designated indoor area that ceremony can be held without your guest seeing the full reception. Even better, we allow you to make the weather call only three hours before ceremony!  We will join you in a“no rain dance” for your big day but it’s always a good idea to have that back-up plan just in case!

*Photo credits in order of photos*

1: Sarah Houston Photography

2-7: Audra Wrisley Photography

8: Sarah Houston Photography

April 25th, 2017|

Sweet Thing Caramels

What was the idea behind starting Sweet Thing Caramels?

Forty years ago, when my daughter was born, a dear friend of mine brought me some

homemade caramels packaged in a little, yellow margarine container as a

“Congratulations” gift. I fell in love with them and decided to learn how to make

caramels for myself. I made them for my family every holiday season for years until my

friends started asking me to make them for their kids’ weddings, engagement parties,

office parties, and the like. I found myself making them so often that I decided to just

start my own company and I haven’t looked back since!


So we know you are based in California. What are some of your favorite things to do on

the West Coast?

California has any outdoor activity you could dream of! If you enjoy camping, Yosemite

National Park is amazing. The view of Half Dome is breathtaking! If you prefer the

ocean, we have some of the coast’s most beautiful beaches in San Diego, Newport

Beach, Monterey, and Marin County. The Sutter Buttes is the Nation’s smallest

mountain range and it’s just an hour North of Sacramento. The hiking is incredible and

the views of the sunsets can’t be beat! And of course, if skiing is your hobby, we have

ample ski resorts just 3 hours North of San Francisco.

We also have the very best wine tasting the West Coast has to offer! Between Napa

Valley, Dry Creek in Sonoma and various excellent wineries in the Lodi area, we

produce some of the finest wines you can buy!


What types of occasions to people usually get your caramels for?

While we specialize in making wedding and event favors, we also sell our caramels in

bulk for dessert tables at weddings and corporate events. We’re always happy to send

Bride/Grooms-to-be some free samples if they are thinking of ordering for their wedding.

Just message us and ask!

We also recently started selling our caramels online for individual purchase which has

been a blast! One hint: If you are thinking about ordering Sweet Thing Caramels as

gifts for the holiday season, start watching for our sales in October and order early! You

can pick your shipment date ahead of time and have your shopping done before the

season starts! We make every batch of caramel fresh before shipping, so weddings

and pre-orders are our first priority.


What are all of the flavors available?

We always offer Classic Sea Salt, Creamy Vanilla, Rich Coffee, Coconut Cream,

Toasted Pecan/Marshmallow, and Chocolate Caramel.

Seasonally we offer Pumpkin Spice, Candy Apple, Chai Spice, Candy Cane Caramel,

and Dark Chocolate Covered Caramel with Toasted Almonds.

*Any of our seasonal flavors can be special requested any time throughout the year

with a 4 pound minimum order.


What is your favorite flavor?

That’s a hard one! Can we pick by season? 🙂

Winter: Rich Coffee …For enjoying with coffee and a warm fire.

Spring: Coconut Cream…Reminds us of warmer weather and brighter days.

Summer: Classic Sea Salt…Summer is meant for all things classic!

Fall: Pumpkin Spice or Toasted Pecan/Marshmallow…Nothing is better than our

Pumpkin Spice Caramels!

April 24th, 2017|

Stephanie & Zac

We are thrilled to show you Stephanie and Zac’s wedding photographs captured by the talented and lovely Sarah from Sarah Houston Photography! Sarah is such a pleasure to work with and her love for capturing special moments are seen throughout her work. We are sure the newlyweds will cherish these beautiful photographs for years to come!  

Ceremony Location: Mountain Grove at Mount Ida Farm

Reception Location: The Lodge at Mount Ida Farm

Event Planner: Amore Events

Caterer: The Local

Dessert: Carpe Donut

Officiant: Phillip Gates

Lighting/Rental: MS Events

DJ: Derek Tobler

Photographer: Sarah Houston Photography

Florist: Blue Ridge Floral Design

April 19th, 2017|

Rebecca & Thomas

Rebecca and Thomas celebrated their wedding reception on a beautiful Saturday evening at the barn. Embracing the rustic ambiance, they decorated the reception barn with lanterns, roses, mason jar vases and votives creating a warm atmosphere for their guests. We hope you enjoy the details of their reception just as much as we did!  

Event Planner: Courtney Hildebrand, Two Byrds Events

Caterer: The Local

DJ: Andy Wilfong

Photographer: Frank Murphy Photography

Food Truck: Carpe Donut

Cake: Chandler’s bakery

Transportation: Easy Rider

March 21st, 2017|