Everyone dreams of a stress free wedding but when you’re planning it yourself without an event planner, things can take a turn from glorious to stressful faster than you can say “I do”! There are many choices, decisions, timing and logistical questions to be answered, having someone who is experienced and can navigate all of those questions along the way is worth their weight in gold! We recently worked with wedding planning expert, Katie from Shindig Weddings and Events, whose detailed approach pays off big for her clients. While working with Katie, we got to know her a little better and loved how she navigated the wedding planning process –  we think you will too!


Q: How did you get the “wedding bug”?

A: I first starting working for Shindig Weddings & Events back in 2013. I was extra hands on wedding day just trying to make a few extra bucks, and while it was a very fun weekend job, I swore I never wanted to be “the one in charge.” Well it only took a couple of wedding seasons to completely change my mindset. I love the organization, the eye for detail, and the relationship building that planning weddings demands. It has every dynamic that I need in a job, and once I figured that out, I dove in headfirst!


Q:  What is your favorite aspect of the wedding planning process?

A: Our company offers very comprehensive approaches to wedding planning. I love the time that this level of service allows us to spend with each of our clients. The relationships we build with our brides & grooms, their families, and other wedding vendors is what really keeps us going. Every wedding is unique, and celebrating that from weekend to weekend is a priority for us!


Q: What is your hidden talent?

A: I make an excellent Moscow Mule. My husband and I love to wind down each day with a cocktail. We go through phases, and right now, we are totally hooked on Moscow Mules. It’s all in the ginger beer, and we are convinced we have found the best!


Q: One thing you wish you could tell every bride who is planning her wedding?

A: Trust your wedding planner. Planning a wedding is tough, and you have hired us to help you, so please let us help you. We are all on the same team. We want your wedding to be just as beautiful and perfect as you do. Releasing will help you as a bride to enjoy your wedding day so much more!


Q: We often think of wedding planners as the hands behind the magic curtain, what is the craziest thing you have done in an effort to “make it happen” on day of?

A: Oh my goodness, where do I even begin? Somedays I truly think I have see/done it all, and then something new happens! That is the excitement of the job. I am actually a little wary to share anything too detailed here because most of these types of stories would make a bride panic.


The thing that I have learned is that something is bound to happen on your wedding day. But when you have surrounded yourself by wedding vendors you trust, they can take the crazy in stride and deal with the hurdles as they come because they are so well-prepared in every other area. And 9 times out of 10, the bride & her wedding guests never know anything happened in the first place!


Q: When you aren’t working on the weekends, what can we find you doing for fun?

A: If I am not working a wedding, you can most likely find me with my husband and our pup. We would likely by working on a home improvement project or swimming at the river. Time with family is very important to us, so when that free weekend does come along, we absolutely make the most of it!