If you have been following us on social media, you may have seen pictures of our clients with some of our furry friends on property. We thought it would only be right to give them the spotlight today! There is no one who knows them better than our farm managers, Keith and Whitney, so we asked them to share all about our Clydesdales with you.

“Our Clydesdales, Sandy and Kopper, are full brothers who came to Mount Ida Farm in April of 2004. We traveled to the National Clydesdale sale in Springfield, Illinois looking for a pair of beautiful Clydesdales to add to the farm family. Their home prior to the sale was Pennsylvania.  

Sandy is the oldest brother, he was 8 years old when he came to the farm. He is still going strong at 21 years old. He has a stocky build, more laid back and is known to be silly. Sandy is happy to be Kopper’s leader. Sandy also lets Kopper do most of the work when hitched to pull the carriages. 

Kopper is the younger brother, he was 6 years old when we he came to the farm. He is a little taller and has a leaner frame than Sandy. Kopper is the cautious brother who is happy to follow quietly behind Sandy.   

These 2 have been in numerous photo shoots, pulled the carriage for weddings and are always willing to do what is asked of them. They both stand about 18 hand tall and are both registered. You will find them side by side in the pasture and if you see one of them, the other is close behind. Sandy and Kopper have been a joy to have on the farm and get plenty of attention from guests when they visit the venues.” 

So the next time you are visiting us, look for the two clydesdales! They just might come to you for a little attention!