One of my favorite ways to dress up a space is finding unique and textured linens to make your tables stand out.  Linens are the  nail polish to your well-manicured reception!  You might not be able to put a specialty linen on every single guest table but you can still have that to-die-for, twirl-worthy linen on your headtable, dessert station or cocktail tables. Since we are not placing these specialty linens on every table, don’t be afraid to be bold in color or textured design. There are so many unique patterns, textures and colors available that mirror the fashion world, your unique style won’t be missed!  



Rico- Jungle Green

Quincy Nude Sequin

Mila Coffee

Locked Blue Grass

Leather Dots Silver

Hollywood White


Brush Rings

Baylis Atec

Featured Image: Ron Dressel Photography