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Hannah & Isaac – Wedding

2020-01-22T19:36:56+00:00January 22nd, 2020|

Hannah & Isaac tied the knot on a beautiful spring day in May and we are SO excited to share with you some of our favorite photos from the day. They put so much care & thought behind every little detail on their big day.

They decided to do a first look in front of the Lodge prior to their Mountain Grove ceremony.

They knew their dinner menu was going to be savory, so they opted for a sweet cocktail hour. The outdoor cocktail hour was catered by Rookies, an adorable dessert truck.  They offered handcrafted ice cream sandwiches, ice cream, cookies, and milk. It was the perfect treat for this hot day and enjoyed by all.

The two are very family oriented and wanted to make sure relatives of all ages had a great time, so they decided to do a fun kids table complete with coloring & crafts. They enjoyed a delicious dinner provided by Goodrich Gourmet, cut their (ice cream cookie) cake, then danced the night away with friends and family.

Congratulations Hannah & Isaac! 

DJ: Bow Tied Weddings

Caterer: Goodrich Gourmet

Dessert Truck: Rookies

Cupcakes: Carytown Cupcakes

Coordinator Jennifer Onalee

Lighting & Rentals: MS Events

Photographer: Honeycomb Photography

Photo Booth: Hott Shotz

Meg & Eric – Wedding

2019-11-27T17:10:47+00:00November 27th, 2019|

Today we are excited to share Meg & Eric’s wedding day on the blog! We had such an enjoyable time working with this fun-loving couple. The weather was remarkable for their late September wedding, which one might attribute to the two burying a bottle of bourbon at their 30 day final walkthrough. Enjoy browsing through some of our personal favorites from their wedding album captured by Aaron Watson Photography while they tell you a little more about their love story and how they met!

Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia
Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia
Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia
Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia

In October 2013, as Meg was living in New York City, she traveled to D.C. for a girl’s weekend away to visit friends. Their only plans were looking forward to a relaxing and fun weekend. That same weekend was also Eric’s birthday, and he was gathering his own friends for a night out.

Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia
Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia
Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia
Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia

One of the friends Meg was visiting, Melissa (one of our bridesmaids!), happened to be one of Eric’s roommates in a group house in Eastern Market. After spending the day exploring D.C., Melissa encouraged the girls to make just one more stop at Eric’s birthday party.

Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia
Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia
Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia
Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia

Eric saw Meg’s smile from across the bar, and knew he had to at least say hi. He finally gathered the courage to ask Meg about the Oregon Ducks football game that night, one of her favorite topics, just to get the conversation going.

Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia
Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia
Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia
Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia

Meg returned to New York City at the end of the weekend, and Eric had made the rookie mistake by not asking for her phone number. Luckily, Meg reached out first! They haven’t stopped talking since.

Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia
Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia
Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia

Meg and Eric continued to see each other long distance for two years before Meg decided to make the move to D.C. Over the last 5+ years, they have enjoyed traveling all over the country to visit friends, up and down the East Coast to visit family and sometimes spending quiet weekends in D.C. with their dog Bodie.

Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia
Meg & Eric- Charlottesville, Virginia


Band: 10 Spot

Catering: The Local

Cake: Commonwealth Cake Company

Coordinator & Floral:  Faded Poppy

Hair & Makeup: REFEYEANCE 4 Makeup & Hair 

Drape: Blue Ridge Event Production

Photography: Aaron Watson Photography

Rentals: MS Events

Transportation: Blue Ridge Tours

Videography: Silver Streak Media

Photo Booth: Pixilated

Ellie & Neil

2019-09-19T18:43:39+00:00September 19th, 2019|

Today on the blog we are featuring Ellie & Neil’s wedding day. The two tied the knot on Saturday, June 15th at the Mountain Grove, but their story started way before that.  Ellie & Neil have known each other for their whole lives. Their story is too sweet not to share. Here is Ellie’s take on how the two reconnected, and how Neil decided to pop the big question!

Ellie & Neil- Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard, Charlottesville wedding venue

How we reconnected

Neil and I have known each other since we were kids. His dad and my dad went to medical school together at UVA. Our parents were all friends at UVA and spent a lot of time together. His dad was my dad’s best man in my parents wedding! My dad had started his pediatric practice in Rochester, NY (where I grew up) so we would only see the Harrison’s when we went to Virginia to see my dad’s side of the family. 

As a senior at the University of Delaware I randomly decided to apply to UVA Medical Center for my first nursing job. I thought I was going to end up in NYC but wanted to interview there as a “back up” option. When I went to Charlottesville to interview in spring of my senior year, my mom told me that Neil was at UVA for school and she wanted me to catch a meal with him. I hadn’t seen him since I was around 10, and I remember being frustrated because I wanted to get back to Delaware for a party but decided I should see him anyway. We ended up going out to dinner and had a great time. Before I left to drive back to school he made me a coffee at his apartment and let me keep his mug, I remember thinking that was the nicest thing. My first experience with that southern hospitality 😉

After interviewing at a couple hospitals in NYC I knew I wanted to go to Charlottesville for my new home after college. When I moved there the following summer, Neil and I were instantly inseparable. We started dating that fall– my dad tries to claim it was all arranged!

Ellie & Neil- Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard, Charlottesville wedding venue
Ellie & Neil- Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard, Charlottesville wedding venue
Ellie & Neil- Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard, Charlottesville wedding venue
Ellie & Neil- Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard, Charlottesville wedding venue
Ellie & Neil- Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard, Charlottesville wedding venue
Ellie & Neil- Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard, Charlottesville wedding venue
Ellie & Neil- Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard, Charlottesville wedding venue

How He Asked 

Neil and I were going on a camping trip at McAfee Knob with two of our good friends, Paul and Katie Lynne. We had been meaning to do this hike for a very long time so we were all pretty excited. It’s around a 4 mile hike to the top…We got there at the perfect moment, right as the sunset was getting good. We wanted to get a picture at the “knob”, the cliff overlook on the summit. It looks coolest if you sit down, but Neil insisted we stand. Then he asked, “Did I show you that rock I found on the hike?” and got down on one knee. As you can see in the video, I was shocked! I thought we were waiting until we both finished school in a couple years. I instantly go down on my knees as well and hug him. All of our family members were not happy with how close we were to the edge at this moment. Fortunately our friends were able to capture the whole thing. We spent the night at the coolest hidden campsite, a little cave, near the summit. The next morning we caught sunrise, headed back down the mountain, and went into town for brunch. The whole weekend was magical.

Ellie & Neil- Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard, Charlottesville wedding venue
Ellie & Neil- Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard, Charlottesville wedding venue
Ellie & Neil- Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard, Charlottesville wedding venue
Ellie & Neil- Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard, Charlottesville wedding venue
Ellie & Neil- Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard, Charlottesville wedding venue
Ellie & Neil- Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard, Charlottesville wedding venue
Ellie & Neil- Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard, Charlottesville wedding venue
Ellie & Neil- Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard, Charlottesville wedding venue
Ellie & Neil- Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard, Charlottesville wedding venue
Ellie & Neil- Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard, Charlottesville wedding venue
Ellie & Neil- Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard, Charlottesville wedding venue


Caterer: Harvest Moon
Ceremony Music: Louis & Asher (Friends of the couple)
Coordinator: Angelica & Co
Hair & Makeup: Brideface
Transportation: James Limo & Easy Riders
Videographer: Radiance
Donuts: Carpe Donut

Meet the Friendors: Festive Fare

2019-07-23T17:54:00+00:00July 23rd, 2019|

Meet the Friendors! Today we are featuring our friends over at Festive Fare Rentals. We did a little Q&A with Meredith Jackson, Sales Executive.

What is Festive Fare?

Festive Fare is an award-winning company that specializes in providing a wide variety of event rental equipment including specialty linens, fine china, flatware, tables, chairs, catering equipment, and much more. We have locations in multiple states including: Skyline Tent Company (Charlottesville, VA and Charleston, SC), Capital Party Rentals(Dulles, VA), Festive Fare Rentals (Charlottesville, VA), Liberty Party Rental (Nashville, TN), EventHaus (Charleston, SC), and CE Rental in Raleigh and Charlotte, NC.

What type of rentals could a bride or groom get from Festive Fare for them big day?

Festive Fare offers a comprehensive selection of distinctive rental products including our exclusive specialty linens. Our vast collection of high-quality products includes:

  • 1,000s of linens, from whimsical to glamorous
  • An extensive selection of tents of all sizes and styles perfectly suited to your event
  • Over 20 lines of china in classic and artistic styles
  • Over 10 lines of glassware, from simple to crystal
  • Over 10 lines of flatware in standard and elegant varieties
  • 1,000s of chairs in traditional and distinctive designs
  • A wide assortment of catering equipment
  • Solid and wood grained dance floors
  • & much more!

Aside from weddings, what other types of events has Festive Fare provided services for?  

Any event Big or Small.  We happily help with a simple Dinner or Holiday Party, and can easily accommodate a 1000+ person event.

What is your favorite event trend right now?

I love seeing the vintage and mis matched china and glassware. Playing with pattern is so much fun.

What are some of your all time favorite items that you have available? 

-Pheasant Plate

-Our new Knit Plate

-The Carousal glass in different colors

-The Jupiter glass

As a wedding professional, do you have any advice for our couples still in the planning process?  

Enjoy the whole process and don’t get caught up on the little things.  Remember that this is “your” day.

What’s your favorite wedding cake flavor?  

Hummingbird !!!

Meagan & Tyler

2019-07-17T15:36:30+00:00July 17th, 2019|

We are throwing it back to April 13th, 2019 as we feature Meagan & Tyler’s wedding WEEKEND on the blog today! Meagan & Tyler decided to turn their wedding into a Mini Destination weekend by reserving Aventador Manor, Mount Pleasant Manor, and the Cottage. The bride and groom, along with their families and bridal party, checked in to the homes on Friday afternoon then headed over to the Tasting Room & Taphouse for some welcome drinks.  After the Tasting Room they were off to our Mountain Grove for their ceremony rehearsal. Once rehearsal was finished, it was time for the rehearsal dinner! And the best part? They didn’t have to go anywhere! As a part of their Mini Destination package they had access to the annex of the Lodge for their rehearsal dinner. It was a fun, relaxed, and intimate celebration; exactly how the couple envisioned it.

On Saturday, the big day, Meagan & Tyler stayed separated in Aventador as they each got ready with their respective bridal parties. Another plus of renting the overnight homes is getting to utilize the space as an all-day bridal suite.  It’s the perfect, cozy, and comfortable spot for hair and makeup. 

The couple decided to do a first look on the picturesque one-lane bridge; a favorite first look spot for many Lodge weddings.  Just look at his reaction! It was such a sweet moment that the couple shared together before they were officially husband and wife. They knocked out the majority of their photos with the bridal party (another plus of a first look!) then it was on to ceremony.  Meagan’s Dad walked her down the aisle then they said their I Do’s. 

The reception was filled with delicious food, including a DONUT WALL, as well as lots of dancing, laughs, and smiles. The guests ended the night by sending Meagan & Tyler off with a bubble exit (one of our favorites!)

Not only did the couple get upgraded to husband & wife, but they will also be taking on the title of Mom & Dad before too long. That’s right! They recently announced that they are expecting Baby Gendron’s arrival for January 2020! Congratulations Meagan & Tyler!


Caterer: Harvest Moon
Ceremony Music: Stan Hamrick
Coordinator: Day by Fay
Florist: Vogue Flowers
Officiant: Welford Orrock
Photographer: Megan Rei Photography

Lauren & David

2019-06-27T15:39:41+00:00June 26th, 2019|

Today we are featuring Lauren & David’s wedding day on the blog! These two, along with their families, were so much fun to work with.  Lauren was very cool, calm, and collected during the wedding planning process with us. She didn’t want to get too caught up in the little details of the day. What she cared about was the bigger picture; marrying David. They opted out of doing a first look so the first time David saw Lauren as a bride was when her father was walking her down the aisle at the Gazebo.  His reaction was so sweet & raw, and luckily was beautifully captured by their photographer (Amelia Blaire Photo.) The I Do’s were said then the guests were welcomed to the Event Barn for cocktail hour and reception. Lauren & David snuck off for some couple portraits where they twirled in the vineyard and danced in the rain. The night came to a conclusion after an epic glow stick dance party by doing an American Flag grand exit. It was Memorial Day Weekend, after all! Thank you Lauren & David for celebrating with us, and congratulations!


Catering & Coordinating: The Local / Helen Osinga

DJ: Music, Music, and More Music

Hair & Makeup: Charlottesville Makeup Artist

Floral: The Posey Detail

Photography: Amelia Blaire Photo

Videographer: Iron & Ivy

Amanda & Sam

2019-04-04T20:30:58+00:00April 4th, 2019|

Amanda & Sam kicked off our wedding season at the Event Barn on March 9th, 2019! We absolutely loved the bohemian details from their big day. From Amanda’s simple flower crown, to the mix-matched bridesmaids dresses, to the small pieces of greenery at the guests’ place settings, everything was perfect! It was a little misty, but rain was no worry for these two as they happily said their I Do’s inside of the Barn.  Luckily the rain held off and they were able to sneak outside later on for some more photo opportunities. The two said “no thank you” to the traditional wedding cake and decided to serve their guests donuts for a sweet treat instead, they were a hit! They danced the night away then did their grand exit while friends and family blew bubbles on them. We loved getting to be a part of this sweet couple’s big day. Enjoy these photos from their photographer, Jason Collins Photography!  


Catering & Coordinating: The Local

DJ & Photobooth: DJ Ricky

Floral: Barnswallow Blooms

Lighting: Magical Lighting Concepts

Photography: Jason Collins Photography

Videographer: Gibson Video

Mollie & Sam

2019-02-19T18:30:59+00:00February 19th, 2019|

Today on the blog we are featuring Mollie & Sam’s wedding day.  The two were wed on September 1st, 2018.  They had a gorgeous indoor ceremony and even utilized some of Mount Ida’s church pews.  The followed up with a gorgeous reception at the Lodge, complete with shades of pink everywhere! These two were so sweet and so clearly in love.  Enjoy Mollie & Sam’s love story while looking through their photos from Chelsea Schaefer Photography.

Her Side

The summer before 7th grade I volunteered as a Vacation Bible School leader at my church. Being a leader provided me the opportunity to take care of little kids, which I loved since I am the youngest of five and have no younger siblings. I also loved working at VBS because I was able to hang out with my friends who worked there as well. My best friend, Lauren, ran up to me half way through the first day and told me about this cute blonde boy she met. She pointed him out as he walked by with his group. He was giving one of the children a piggyback ride and wearing a bandana that matched the jungle theme. I remember Lauren telling me how “cool” he was and how good he was with the kids. I tried to keep an eye out for this boy throughout the rest of my day. Thankfully, I got lucky. During snack time I sat down with the rest of my team and noticed the same boy my friend was telling me about earlier, sitting next to us. He smiled and introduced himself, “Sam Kesting”.


Bridal Suite, Bridesmaids

Over the next few months, Sam and I saw each other every now and then at weekly youth groups. However, as time went on, we lost touch, and I never really thought about him.  About a year later, I received a Facebook friend request from Sam. I didn’t recognize him from his profile picture since he was wearing sunglasses and a hat (obviously trying to look cool). My mother always taught me not to befriend strangers on the internet so, in an effort to be safe, I made sure we had some common friends. I then messaged him to ask if we had ever met. Originally, he responded with, “Oh, haha I accidentally friended you, sorry.” But after I didn’t respond, he sent another message retracting the previous one and saying we actually did know each other and proceeded to remind me how. After the initial small talk, the conversation ended and that was it. A few weeks later, some friends at school were talking about a cute boy who was shadowing that day. I ran into him at lunch. I recognized him right away and walked up and asked, “You’re Sam Kesting right?” and thankfully he responded with, “Yes, and you’re Mollie Smith.” I was so happy to find out Sam would be joining me at Trinity Christian School the following year.


Mount Ida Farm I Charlottesville, VA wedding venue

Sam and I spoke occasionally over the following months and began to become close friends. We only lived a few minutes away from each other and often hung out after school started.  In between classes we exchanged notes since we had only a few classes together during our 4 years in high school. I still have many of those notes that I saved even before we started dating.  When we were in the same class, our seating assignments were quickly changed by more than one teacher because we talked too much. Over the next year our friendship grew stronger and Sam went from my “official shoe-tier” to one of my best friends.

Mount Ida Farm I Charlottesville, VA wedding venue

Eventually, that friendship became more serious and Sam told me he liked me in the spring of 2012. A few days later, he took me on our first date to play mini golf.  Obviously as high schoolers, we were both immature and had our share of struggles. However, I remember when I knew I was starting to fall in love for the first time. Sam and I were at a friend’s birthday party during our senior year. Everyone was dancing the way kids dance these days with their fists pumping and jumping up and down. Sam, however, grabbed my hand and began swing dancing with me. We were the only ones there dancing in an “old fashioned” kind of way, but I loved every minute of it. Ever since then, dancing with Sam has been one of my favorite things to do.


Indoor Ceremony

As high school came to a close, Sam and I understood that the likelihood of our relationship lasting through college was remote.  We felt that an important decision like where to go to school should not be based on each other. We didn’t even apply to any of the same schools. When the time came to part ways and Sam headed off to the University of Virginia and I started my college career at Liberty University, we were both nervous. The first year was hard to be apart so much, but I truly believe it was one of the best things for our relationship.

Mount Ida Farm I Charlottesville, VA wedding venue

We learned how to love one another from miles away and how to rely on God and His faithfulness even when it wasn’t easy. It also allowed us to participate in different things, make separate lifelong friends, and focus on our studies.  I believe this would have been harder for me to do if we were always together. I made the decision to transfer to James Madison University after my freshman year. Sam and I were still about the same distance away from each other no matter where we were, even during school breaks after my family moved a little over an hour away from Northern Virginia. Nevertheless, our relationship has continued to grow and mature during our four years apart.


Indoor Ceremony

I knew I wanted to spend forever with Sam early on in our relationship, but it still came as a surprise when on October 28, 2017, Sam asked for my hand in marriage. He had saved a note I wrote him almost exactly seven years ago to the day, when he was just my “official shoe-tier”. I was told I said yes, but honestly cannot remember much after he got down on one knee. I was so overwhelmed with joy.  I am extremely excited for our future and to see what the Lord has in store for the two of us as we begin the next chapter of our lives as husband and wife!


Indoor Ceremony, First Kiss

His Side

I first met Mollie Smith at a vacation bible school in the summer of 2008. We were both leaders of different preschool-aged kids and I noticed her right away. Having just moved to the area coupled with the fact that I had been home schooled my entire life meant that I was a bit lacking in the social skills department. Thankfully, our groups had the same snack period for me to work on my small talk. Needless to say, I didn’t think she was impressed and after the week was over we totally lost touch until I “accidentally” friended her on Facebook.


Mount Ida Farm I Charlottesville, VA wedding venue

Shortly after, I was visiting a high school for the day to see if it could be a place to finish off my K-12 education. During lunch I sat down in the front of the room, unpacked my lunch, and looked up to see an adorable blonde smiling down at me I quickly realized that she was the girl from VBS who I had sent an awkward friend request to a few weeks earlier. I went bright red and proceeded to stutter through how I remembered her, conveniently leaving out the social media request. She knew exactly who I was, told me it was nice to see me again, and skipped off with a smile and a gaggle of friends.

Mount Ida Farm I Charlottesville, VA wedding venue

I enrolled in the school and started attending in the fall of 2010. Mollie and I became fast friends and would write each other notes during classes about sports, homework, and class controversies. Because she has such small feet, Mollie’s shoes would often come untied throughout the school day and, being the gentleman that I am, it became my duty to make sure that her shoes were tied at all times. She even dubbed me “her official shoe-tier”.

Bridal Party

Freshman year continued with me seriously crushing on her and she just cruising on through life oblivious. Our houses were only a few miles apart so often times evenings would be spent in each other’s living rooms just sitting and talking. Sophomore year began and that year gave me almost enough courage to ask Mollie to homecoming.  Almost. That spring, Mollie was one of the lacrosse team managers. I was never very gifted in the sport at all but having her on the sidelines at least made me run just a little bit faster.

Mount Ida Farm I Charlottesville, VA wedding venue

It wasn’t until April of 2012 when I was on a bus returning to school from an orchestra competition (cool, I know) when Mollie asked me the quintessential high school question: “who do you like?”. After a few attempts to dodge a straight answer, I finally confessed. Mollie was so kind and I figured that if the feelings weren’t reciprocal then she would respond in a way that was gracious and would not damage our friendship. My response quieted her replies for a bit and she suggested we talk tomorrow at school in person.

Mount Ida Farm I Charlottesville, VA wedding venue

The next day, we spoke during lunch and I found out that Mollie in fact did have a bit of a crush as well. We decided to see how things would play out.  Although there were ups and downs, those next two years together were full of awkward school dances, miniature golfing, Kings Dominion trips, pool days, laughter, tears, and learning how to love someone along the way. We finished high school with a winning lacrosse season and a prom that will probably only be topped by our wedding.


Mount Ida Farm I Charlottesville, VA wedding venue

Mollie and I never looked at colleges together. We approached the search and decision process as individuals and applied to schools all over the country. Neither of us wanted to pressure the other into a decision based on our relationship so it was only by the grace of God that I ended up at UVA and she went to Liberty. I remember our last date before she went off to Lynchburg. We spent the evening together in DC and as I dropped her off at her house at the end of the evening, I was scared. This fear continued for the first few weeks of college apart. I knew that high school relationships were often fleeting and that once they were tested by a university that they often were quickly and painfully destroyed. But I also knew how much I loved Mollie and how much she meant to me.

Pink wedding cake

We took things a day at a time and both became immersed in our own experiences. Slowly but surely, living apart became the new normal. That spring of first year, Mollie decided to transfer to JMU for a change of scenery. I spent the next two summers as a camp counselor, going two weeks at a time without any contact with Mollie other than letters. Her family also moved about an hour away from my family after high school which meant seeing each other less even when we were home on breaks or during the summer. Being apart for most of the year at school, these times at camp, and our families living a bit far apart allowed for us to establish a deep trust in the Lord to guide our relationship and in one another to keep going strong when things didn’t seem easy or convenient.

Mount Ida Farm I Charlottesville, VA wedding venue

We learned how to love each other from afar through small but meaningful ways such as a quick voicemail on a drive home or a surprise pizza delivery. Although I was scared at first to part ways for college, I am so grateful for what it taught me about what truly matters in a relationship and for how I have been blessed to be able to watch Mollie grow into the strong, kind, and hard-working woman that she is today.


Bubbles exit sendoff

I’m not quite sure of the exact moment that I knew I wanted to propose to Mollie but it was definitely something that I had thought about for a long time. This past summer I knew that I wanted it to be soon enough to be married by the end of this year. After conversations with my dad and eventually both of my parents, I asked her dad if I could meet him for dinner. He kindly accepted and he graciously listened to my stammering explanation of why I had asked him and blessed my request to ask his daughter to marry me. On October 28, 2017, I took Mollie to a friend’s family farm for a picnic and gave her a letter that I had kept from her for 7 years, back when I was still just her shoe tier. Much to my relief, she accepted my proposal.  Being engaged has been a blast and I am unbelievably excited to marry the love of my life this September and begin our journey together.


Horse and Carriage

Gabby & Connor

2019-02-07T15:33:09+00:00February 7th, 2019|

We are throwing it back to October 27th, 2018 as we feature Gabby & Connor’s Fall wedding on the blog today. They decided to do a first look at our one lane bridge, the photos turned out absolutely beautiful.  We would be lying if we said it didn’t make us a little teary-eyed! Are you #TeamFirstLook? We are!

One of the many perks of doing a first look is you get the opportunity to get a lot of your portraits out of the way before your guests even arrive.  Check out some of Gabby & Connor’s pre-ceremony photos, including them digging up their bourbon. Burrying the Bourbon is a southern tradition to ensure it doesn’t rain on your wedding day.  They must have done it right, because the weather was perfect.

After pre-ceremony photos, they made their way to the pergola at the Mountain Grove ceremony site.  They added a little personal touch to the outdoor ceremony space by bringing in this gorgeous floral arch, which complimented the rest of their weddings’ aesthetic. They said their I Do’s, shared their first kiss as husband and wife, and joyfully recessed down the aisle as flower petals were tossed.

Guests then made their way to the Lodge for cocktail hour and reception. Our friends over at Magical Lighting Concepts added some drapery in the dining space. We really love the way it softens the space, it really is a nice added touch!


The two love birds along with their friends and families danced the night away. It was a truly magical evening.  Congrats Gabby & Connor!

Jen & Sean

2019-01-22T16:17:34+00:00January 22nd, 2019|

We just got these photos in from Sarah Houston Photography from Jen & Sean’s Fall wedding. We just couldn’t wait to share them on our blog! The Fall foliage was at its peak, the leaves had changed colors but were just starting to make their way off the branches to the ground. These two were such a sweet & kind duo. We figured what better way to showcase their wedding photos than by sharing their love story.  Enjoy the story of Jen & Sean as told by themselves, courtesy of their wedding website.


Jen and Sean first crossed paths at Forest Park High School. Sean was a year ahead of Jen, so the two didn’t meet for the first time until after they had both graduated college.

Sometime during the summer of 2013, Sean saw Jen at a local bar when he was with a mutual friend of the couple. Sean knew he had seen Jen before and asked the friend who she was. He was too nervous to approach her that day, so he added her on Facebook later.

Sometime during the summer of 2013, Sean saw Jen at a local bar when he was with a mutual friend of the couple. Sean knew he had seen Jen before and asked the friend who she was. He was too nervous to approach her that day, so he added her on Facebook later.

Over the course of the next 6 months, Sean asked Jen out multiple times, only to be denied over and over again. Thankfully, Sean was persistent and in February, Jen finally gave in and agreed to go to Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar (R.I.P.) with Sean and a few of his friends. After that night, Jen and Sean started spending time together almost everyday, and Sean finally made it official on March 4, 2014.

Jen and Sean quickly realized that they were made for each other, and spent the next three and a half years making memories and taking adventures. The two have enjoyed traveling, trying good food and wine, and countless movie nights. A special tradition of the couple has been to take weekend getaways to spa resorts and visiting local wineries. In March 2017, Jen and Sean purchased their first home in Woodbridge, VA, and started building their life together.


Since Jen and Sean had moved into their new home, they had been busy settling in and spending weekends out of town, hardly ever having a free weekend. By the weekend of October 13th, Jen was tired and ready for a weekend off – but Jen and Sean had other plans. Jen thought that they were headed to Charlestown, WV to visit the casino for Sean’s step-brother’s birthday with his mom and step family. Jen was very reluctant to go after their busy last few months, but Sean was insistent.

Friday afternoon, they packed up the car and headed to West Virginia. When they got to Charlestown, Waze said “You are arriving at your destination.” in the middle of a random backroad, and Jen started to get confused, so she tried to grab Sean’s phone to put the casino’s address in instead, but Sean wasn’t having it. Finally, they pulled into an inn in the middle of nowhere. After getting checked in and settled into their room, Sean finally told Jen that it was just going to be the two of them that weekend because he felt they could use some time to themselves after going non-stop lately. Jen thought he was just being nice and it was going to be a normal weekend getaway.

That night, they went to dinner at the Inn, where they had an amazing 4 course dinner and drinks. Over dinner, Jen kept mentioning that it was Friday the 13th, making Sean even more nervous to propose that night. After dessert, the waitress let Jen and Sean know that the hotel staff had set up a bonfire for the guests. Jen was very interested (she loves sitting around a good bonfire!) and asked Sean if they could go sit for a while, thinking he’d say “no” (Sean does not share Jen’s love of bonfires), but to her surprise, Sean agreed!

Jen and Sean made their way down to the firepit, and as soon as they rounded the corner, Jen realized that the fire wasn’t for everyone, but just for them. There was a bottle of wine and s’mores supplies waiting, with rose petals covering the firepit area. Jen immediately started crying, but Sean calmed her down enough to finally ask her if she’d be his wife – of course (through tears, again!) Jen said yes! Jen and Sean celebrated with wine and s’mores before calling friends and family to share the good news.

The next day, Sean had planned a private wine tour for more celebrations. On Sunday, they wrapped their weekend up with massages, and finally headed home for an engagement celebration at home with our families.

To say it was the perfect proposal would be an understatement – Sean did the impossible by completely surprising Jen, all the while paying homage to some of the most special moments in their relationship.


Venue: The Lodge at Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard 

Caterer & Coordinator: The Local Restaurant & Catering

Cake: Favorite Cakes

Florist: Good Earth Flowers

Hair: Brides by E

Photographer: Sarah Houston Photography

DJ: Black Tie Entertainment

Makeup: Makeup by Ravishing

Rentals: MS Events

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