Behind every fabulous wedding is a fabulous event planner crossing every “T” and dotting every “i”. We’ve known Cody Grannis from Amore Events for several years now and we know this full service planning team makes dreams and visions come to life! Cody was gracious enough to entertain our rapid-fire Q&A session where she shared a little bit about herself and the questions to ask event planners.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how Amore Events came to be?
​A: My name is Cody Grannis, I am a mother of 4 and originally from Manassas, Virginia.
I worked at the University of Virginia as an event planner for 5 years, before I opened Amore Events. ​

Q: What is your hidden talent?
A: ​Love to sing!​

Q: One question bride and grooms should ask before hiring an event planner?
A: ​Is this someone I can spend an entire year with? Are they intimidating,? Will they hear me out? Will they incorporate our ideas?​

Q: Most unique place Amore Events has taken you?
​A: St. Thomas​

Q: Funniest wedding story to date?
A: ​Recently one of our brides caught her marriage license on fire, right after the wedding ceremony.
Instead of getting upset, she laughed & the courts sent her a new one!​

Q:Best part about your job is?
​A: Meeting new people, spending time and learning about our couples.​

Follow Cody on Instagram at @amoreeventco or visit her via website