Welcome back to our Meet our Friendors series! Today we would like to introduce you to Karen, owner of Foxtail Cottage Floral who has worked as a visual stylist and designer for over 20 years. She has the experience, the know how and the vision to make the ordinary great!  We might be a little obsessed with her website too, check it out here!


Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how Foxtail Cottage came to be?  

Foxtail came to be out of a desire to make and offer a creative environment for artists to work and feel safe and appreciated.

Q: We are sure you get asked this question a lot, but we have to ask! The dog that appears on your website, does he/she have a name?  

Niblet is my sweet little Havanese.  She loves the camera and she is a natural born star!


Q: Panera Bread or Baker’s Crust?  

Baker’s Crust.

Q: Upcoming wedding trends that you are seeing?   

I hope to see more rich and saturated colors.

Q: Favorite part about your job is?  

The design aspect.  I see the petals of flowers like paints on a palette.

Q: If you could travel anywhere for one day, where would it be?  

Bellagio, Lombardy.

Q: What is one question bride’s should ask before booking a florist?

How important are flowers to your wedding. If flowers are done well, with high quality flowers, containers ,etc ., this may be an expensive ticket item. But, well worth it!

Q: Favorite color combinations to work with are?  

A beautiful mix of deep wine burgundy, hot pink, and curry golden yellows.


Thanks Karen for having fun with us on our rapid-fire Q&A session!