When hosting your wedding ceremony at Mount Ida Farm, whether it is the event barn or the Lodge, your package includes white garden chairs.  We have found that white garden chairs are a classic choice for ceremony seating, and most of our couple’s choose to use them.  Garden chairs are perfect for outdoor ceremonies, and white not only screams “wedding”…but it really pops compared to the green grass, blue skies, and all of the beautiful colors that come with the gazebo or mountain view locations.  BUT, just because white garden chairs are a great option… they aren’t your only option! Personalizing your wedding ceremony can extend all the way to your guest seating. There are so many creative ways to make ceremony feel special, whether it is adding umbrellas to an outdoor seating area, using Mount Ida’s NEW church pews or creating a theatre style configuration. Below are a few options of real-life examples of unique seating plans that we hope inspires you for your own “I Do’s”!

Mount Ida’s white garden chairs

Paisley & Jade Church Pews

Photo: Audra Wrisley Photography

White Garden Chairs at The Gazebo

Theatre style in front of the Barn & Carriage House

Mount Ida’s new upgraded seating option.. church pews!