Here at Mount Ida Farm, we have a LOT of vendors come in and out of our doors.  We always love the opportunity to meet new creative professionals, especially when they bring something new and exciting to the table.  Earlier this month, we had the honor of having Lil Photo Bus out to the Lodge for the first time! They came for Chelsea and Thomas’ wedding and the guests LOVED them.  We decided to do a little Q&A with Amber, enjoy!

How did you come up with the idea for the Lil Photo Bus?

Lil Photo Bus was born from a desire for Amber (a full time wedding photographer) and Carlos (a full time pharmacy manager – at the time) to get more quality time together as a couple and with their family. We both have an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to come up with a way that Carlos could transition out of the corporate world and into the creative space with Amber. Since Amber already had a strong hold on the wedding industry it was a natural fit for Carlos to join her there. Lil Photo Bus was born and the two have been working together ever since.

What types of events has the Lil Photo Bus been to?

While the majority of our events are weddings, we have also done corporate events for large companies, birthday parties, proms, anniversaries, and charity events.

How many buses are there?

Right now, Miss Jade is our only bus, but be on the look out for another bus coming very soon!!

So we see you’re from Raleigh.  If any of our readers travel to Raleigh, NC..what are the must do’s/must see’s?!

Raleigh has SO much to do, that we recommend you stay for at least a long weekend. From awesome concerts at Red Hat Amphitheater to the AMAZING food scene (real pit BBQ at The Pit, the mac and cheese at Poole’s, and the burgers at Chuck and the cocktails at Fox Liquor House are all MUST tries), there is tons to do. There is spectacular shopping, and lots for families to do too (check out Marbles and Pullen Park if you have little ones). We absolutely love this place, and hope if your readers are in town, they will give us a call

I see on your website you have traveled 1,263,000 miles! Where all has the Lil Photo Bus been?

Miss Jade made her way to the east coast in the 90s from Santa Barbara. From what we can tell, her odometer has reset at least 2 times and is on her 3rd rotation to 99,999!! In the 70s, service records were all hand written and kept in the glove box on little cards that looked like old school library cards. We found a few and just did the math. As for where she’s been, its really hard to say, but we know she’s made the cross country trip at least once. We personally have driven her all over North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina

What do you see for the future for Lil Photo Bus?

       Our ultimate goal is to make Lil Bus an amazing brand with a fun fleet of buses. We can’t give away too much, but we can say that you definitely want to keep you eye on us as we grow! 😉 For sure you should be following us on social media!

Thanks Amber! If you’re interested in following the Lil Photo Bus, make sure to head over to their website ( and follow them on Instagram @lilphotobus!


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Photo: Alicia Wiley

Photo: Amber Robinson

Photo: Bethann Arthur

Photo: Three Regions Images