We are extremely excited to introduce another one of our favorite and trusted event professionals.  Today we did little Q&A with Aaron from Aaron Watson Photography.  Aaron has shot more weddings than we could count at both the Event Barn and The Lodge and always produces beautiful work.  Enjoy getting to learn more about him!

How did you get in the world of photography?

I started early at 17, when I asked for a summer job from my high school photo teacher who also photographed weddings. After working as an associate for 3 years, I started Aaron Watson Photography in 2007! Little did I know that a summer job would turn into a great career as a wedding photographer!

What is your opinion on first looks?

My wife and I did a first look on our wedding day, and it was our favorite moment of the day! I would recommend it to everyone! Seeing each other for the first time on the wedding day is a big moment, and very emotional, so it was nice having that moment more privately. I also liked that it calmed our nerves beforehand and gave us time to be together and with our wedding party. Not to mention we were able to get more great pictures because of it, and weren’t as rushed!

What is your favorite location at Mount Ida Farm for photos?


There are so many great spots it is always hard to pick! I love the vineyard, and the iron gazebo at the farm! At the Lodge, my favorite spot is a little off the beaten path by the cow field. I call it Tom’s spot because it was once described to me as his favorite area too! There are amazing views of the mountains, and it’s incredible during sunset.

What is the furthest or favorite place you have traveled for a photography job?

In 2007 my friend Eric Kelley and I traveled to Brazil for a wedding. That was one of the most gorgeous destination weddings I’ve photographed! The groom wrote the travel guide for Rio de Janeiro, so he knew all of the best spots!

Aside from weddings, I know you do a lot of photography work in the wine industry.  Can you tell us a little more about that?
One of my best friends is a wine maker, so I was introduced to a lot of the wineries and the winemaking process early in my career. It is amazing to experience and photograph the process from growing the grapes, to picking, and pressing them into wine. I’ve done a lot of behind the scenes photography, and also love capturing the beautiful landscapes that the wineries provide. Wine grapes seem to grow in the most beautiful places, which is probably why vineyards make for popular destination weddings!
As a newlywed and as a wedding professional, what is the best advice that you have for future brides and grooms?
There is no piece of advice that will prepare you for your wedding day! It’s a whirlwind of a day with many emotions; you’ll be surrounded by friends and family (some of whom you only get a second to talk with), and it will go by too fast. The best thing you can do is to enjoy it, and relive it many times through your pictures! The pictures will be what makes it last longer!
We saved the most important question for last.  What is your favorite flavor for wedding cake?
I love Carrot cake with cream cheese icing, and Almond with Almond icing cake!

Thank you, Aaron! To see more of Aaron’s photos head over to his website here, “like” his facebook page @aaronwatsonphoto, or follow him on instagram @aaronwatsonphotography.

(This probably goes without saying, but all photos on this post provided by….Aaron Watson Photography)