For brides- picking out your wedding dress is hands down one of the most exciting moments of planning a wedding.  You set up your appointment, assemble your trusted team of bridesmaids and family, and spend a whole day dressing like a princess and feeling like you are in a fairytale.  The day can feel so magical, especially when you finally find the “one” that is perfect for you.


For grooms- a lot of the times picking out their wedding tux for their big day doesn’t come with as much excitement.  While the bride is daydreaming about shades of white, different materials, and various head pieces… the groom typically looks at tux shopping as one more task that needs to get done before the big day.

Lucky for all, our friends over at The Black Tux have come up with an option to make groomswear & groomsmen outfits easier, cheaper, and stress-free. 


As a recent bride, I know how important it is to have everything looking perfect for your wedding day. I also know how many things you have going on. You don’t have the time or the energy to spend researching tuxedo rental brands or visiting different rental stores, not to mention finding a time when you and your fiance both can see tuxedo options during normal business hours.

In my experience, helping my husband find tuxes turned out to be a headache. I couldn’t find what I wanted. The tuxes we saw were overused, low quality, out-dated styles and brands. I had to settle for a local shop because I was running out of time and patience. I also was left in the dark about the status of other groomsmen’s orders… how could I be sure who had ordered and who hadn’t? The whole process added unnecessary stress. Not to mention the fact that we paid top dollar for a less than adequate product.

Wasn’t there an easier way to rent a tux? Now, there is.


Jenna Blackmon