We just got these photos in from Sarah Houston Photography from Jen & Sean’s Fall wedding. We just couldn’t wait to share them on our blog! The Fall foliage was at its peak, the leaves had changed colors but were just starting to make their way off the branches to the ground. These two were such a sweet & kind duo. We figured what better way to showcase their wedding photos than by sharing their love story.  Enjoy the story of Jen & Sean as told by themselves, courtesy of their wedding website.

Bride & Groom Fall


Jen and Sean first crossed paths at Forest Park High School. Sean was a year ahead of Jen, so the two didn’t meet for the first time until after they had both graduated college.


Sometime during the summer of 2013, Sean saw Jen at a local bar when he was with a mutual friend of the couple. Sean knew he had seen Jen before and asked the friend who she was. He was too nervous to approach her that day, so he added her on Facebook later.


Sometime during the summer of 2013, Sean saw Jen at a local bar when he was with a mutual friend of the couple. Sean knew he had seen Jen before and asked the friend who she was. He was too nervous to approach her that day, so he added her on Facebook later.

First Kiss at Church

Over the course of the next 6 months, Sean asked Jen out multiple times, only to be denied over and over again. Thankfully, Sean was persistent and in February, Jen finally gave in and agreed to go to Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar (R.I.P.) with Sean and a few of his friends. After that night, Jen and Sean started spending time together almost everyday, and Sean finally made it official on March 4, 2014.

Bourbon Burial
Bourbon Burial

Jen and Sean quickly realized that they were made for each other, and spent the next three and a half years making memories and taking adventures. The two have enjoyed traveling, trying good food and wine, and countless movie nights. A special tradition of the couple has been to take weekend getaways to spa resorts and visiting local wineries. In March 2017, Jen and Sean purchased their first home in Woodbridge, VA, and started building their life together.



Since Jen and Sean had moved into their new home, they had been busy settling in and spending weekends out of town, hardly ever having a free weekend. By the weekend of October 13th, Jen was tired and ready for a weekend off – but Jen and Sean had other plans. Jen thought that they were headed to Charlestown, WV to visit the casino for Sean’s step-brother’s birthday with his mom and step family. Jen was very reluctant to go after their busy last few months, but Sean was insistent.

Wedding Party

Friday afternoon, they packed up the car and headed to West Virginia. When they got to Charlestown, Waze said “You are arriving at your destination.” in the middle of a random backroad, and Jen started to get confused, so she tried to grab Sean’s phone to put the casino’s address in instead, but Sean wasn’t having it. Finally, they pulled into an inn in the middle of nowhere. After getting checked in and settled into their room, Sean finally told Jen that it was just going to be the two of them that weekend because he felt they could use some time to themselves after going non-stop lately. Jen thought he was just being nice and it was going to be a normal weekend getaway.

The Lodge

That night, they went to dinner at the Inn, where they had an amazing 4 course dinner and drinks. Over dinner, Jen kept mentioning that it was Friday the 13th, making Sean even more nervous to propose that night. After dessert, the waitress let Jen and Sean know that the hotel staff had set up a bonfire for the guests. Jen was very interested (she loves sitting around a good bonfire!) and asked Sean if they could go sit for a while, thinking he’d say “no” (Sean does not share Jen’s love of bonfires), but to her surprise, Sean agreed!

Wedding Introductions

Jen and Sean made their way down to the firepit, and as soon as they rounded the corner, Jen realized that the fire wasn’t for everyone, but just for them. There was a bottle of wine and s’mores supplies waiting, with rose petals covering the firepit area. Jen immediately started crying, but Sean calmed her down enough to finally ask her if she’d be his wife – of course (through tears, again!) Jen said yes! Jen and Sean celebrated with wine and s’mores before calling friends and family to share the good news.


The next day, Sean had planned a private wine tour for more celebrations. On Sunday, they wrapped their weekend up with massages, and finally headed home for an engagement celebration at home with our families.

To say it was the perfect proposal would be an understatement – Sean did the impossible by completely surprising Jen, all the while paying homage to some of the most special moments in their relationship.


Venue: The Lodge at Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard 

Caterer & Coordinator: The Local Restaurant & Catering

Cake: Favorite Cakes

Florist: Good Earth Flowers

Hair: Brides by E

Photographer: Sarah Houston Photography

DJ: Black Tie Entertainment

Makeup: Makeup by Ravishing

Rentals: MS Events